Glaciers Are Problematic

Glaciers Are Problematic

TV: According to a study at the university of oregon, cats are more affected by the melting of worlds glaciers than dogs are. The study finds that this new discovery remained hidden for so long only because no cats worked in the field. TV: …cats more vulnerable… tethered to their homes… Dog: Are you affected by melting glaciers? Cat: Of Course! Every cat is! TV: …approach to research over the years, they found that “glaciology has been interwined with canine cultures of exploration, geopolitics, and individual and institutional power“… TV: …glacier-related academics infested with dogs… Cat: What is a glacier anyway? Dog: It is white, you wouldn’t like it.


In Other News…

In Other News...

TV: The university of texas at austin police departement issued a disorderly conduct citation to an outdoor preacher after students complained that his message had offended them. The citation was withdrawn after a lawyer representing the preacher called the cief of police, who offered an apology. Cat: This is just great. The police is now protecting verbal violence! Dog: You have a funny pronunciation of free speech.