Felinist Dictionary: Presumption Of Innocence

Felinist Dictionary: Presumption Of Innocence

Dictionary: Presumption Of Innocence Noun. Origin: so-called „legal right“ in criminal trials, but in reality an opressive tool in most rape cultures. Definition: If the accused is male: see → oxymoron. If the accused is of any other gender: see → pleonasm. Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat


Innocent Until Proven Male

Innocent Until Proven Male

Cat: seriously, where are the male stars, who have the privilege of speaking against dr. luke without tanking their careers, supporting kesha? Dog: probably aware that accusations without evidence could be held against them. Cat: you can offer support to survivors while still affording offenders the presumption of innocence. Dog: how can you assume someones innocence and at the same time support the “victim“? Cat: in a world that is toxic for females, this should be the default. Dog: what you mean is that when a female accuses a male of anything, presumption of innocence is out of the equation! Cat: it doesn’t matter wether luke is innocent or not. fact is he raped someone. Dog: and it’s going to stick on him forever, innocent or not.