Whatever It Is You’re Using…

Whatever It Is You're Using...

Dog (as Thor): What’s all this marvel brouhaha about? Cat (as Captain America): What, are you [NON-PC INSULT]? Dog: Come again? Non-PC insult… did you forget your text? Cat: [UNSOLICITED OPINION ON KNITTING???] [NOT SAFE FOR WORK] [NOPE, TOO STUPID, SORRY] Dog: Dude. Whatever it is you’re using… STOP IT. Cat: IMPOSSIBLE! Not even a HALF-GOD can stop SOCIAL JUSTICE!

Just in case you [non-PC insult], here is some context on this.




Dog: did you know that the nordic god thor turned into a woman? Cat: SHE is a GODDESS, and no she didn’t turn, she’s always been one. Dog: and that captain america, who once was white and now is black? Cat: it speaks volumes that you think in THOSE categories. Dog (as Thor): Could you imagine us being trans- heroes? Cat (as Captain America): Much problematic!