Myths And Fairy Tales

Myths And Fairy Tales

Dog: You really think people believe stuff just because it’s in print? Cat: Yes, books have this power. Just think about the bible. Dog: The bible? What about it? Cat: It’s full of stuff that can’t possibly be true, yet people believe it. Dog: What about siddhartas books? Cat: Myths and fairy tales. Dog: Scientology books about dianetics? Cat: Fan fiction. Dog: The koran? One thousand and one nights? Cat: Don’t you dare to ridicule the noble Qur’an, islamophobic racist!


The Usual Reaction

The Usual Reaction

Hindu preacher: We must stop doing this! Crowd: There is wisdom in this. Religion can be so beautiful! That’s deep, man. This makes me think about myself! Muslim preacher: We must stop doing this! Crowd: Don’t forget, tolerance is what defines us. Who are we to judge? We must always remember the crusades! I’ll stop doing it to show respect for his culture! Catholic preacher: We must stop doing this! Crowd: Fool! Pedophile! Intolerant retard! Who does he think he is?