Marketing Failure

Marketing Failure

Jeff: True Teas marketing, this is Jeff. How may I help you? Tina: Hi Jeff, this is Tina from Columbia Pictures. Jeff: Tina, hi! How’s your SJW marketing going? Tina: Terrible! Ghostbusters is a flop, and now it’s worse than ever! We did everything you told us to: we played the feminism card, mocked and shamed them… but now not even the fans will go watch the movie. Jeff: Wait a minute… WHOM EXACTLY did you mock? Tina: MEN. We can’t go after feminists, of course. Jeff: So you ridiculed your PAYING CUSTOMERS instead of the OBNOXIOUS MOB whom everybody hates? Tina: Oh.


The Truth Behind Ghostbusters

The Truth Behind Ghostbusters

3 months ago… Jeff: True Teas marketing, jeff speaking. How can I help you? Tina: Hi Jeff, this is Tina from Columbia Pictures. Listen, we’re quite impressed by your marketing stunt that you pulled using those social media goons a while ago. Jeff: Oh thanks, too kind! Tina: We’re thinking about doing something similar. We have this movie… a 2nd class remake that’s probably going to tank. Jeff: Hm. Tina: Any ideas? Jeff: Is there anything… PROBLEMATIC about it? Tina: Yes. It’s GARBAGE. Even though it’s got an ALL FEMALE CAST. Jeff: There you go! Today… Cat: ANOTHER abysmal review of ghostbusters 2016?! Only because of the female cast! Cat: Im SO gonna see it. FOR EQUALITY!