People Believe In Books


Dog: What are you up to? Cat: I’m doing research. For my dictionary. Dog: You’re writing a dictionary? Cat: Yes. Actually that was your idea. Cat: You said that no dictionary has the correct definition of discrimination. So I’m writing one myself. Maybe then you’ll see. Dog: But writing something wrong into a book won’t make it any less wrong! Cat: People believe in books. Just think about the bible.


The Felinist Dictionary

The Felinist Dictionary

Cat: I don’t understand why people wouldn’t self-identify as felinist in public. Dog: maybe They noticed the hypocrisy that surrounds it. Cat: Well, I’m sorry that fighting against discrimination comes across as hypocritical! Dog: That’s because felinists are often the people who discriminate the most. Cat: Maybe you should check a dictionary for discrimination: prejudice and power, but felinists are not in power, so… Dog: …that’s bullshit. no dictionary i know defines discrimination that way. Cat: The time has come for a felinist dictionary!