It’s All Satire… Right?

It's All Satire... Right?

Valerie Solanas: Kill all men! Crowd: Brilliant satire! She is my role model! I’ve got the 3rd reprint of her book “The SCUM Manifesto”! And did you see it in theater? They perform it on stage! Did you know that she tried to kill Andy Warhol? Meghan Murphy: It’s time to consider a curfew for men! Crowd: Obviously that’s not serious. Surely I would be excluded because I’m gay… Alas, just a felinist utopia. Wow, Meghan knows how to get people going! No seriously, that’s an interesting idea! Roosh V: Make rape legal! Crowd: That’s just horrible! Hang him on the nearest tree! I hope he gets brutalized soon! Now I want men not to exist. He SAYS that it’s satire, but we know better!


3 thoughts on “It’s All Satire… Right?

  1. And would Dogs react like felinists usually do, Dogs would now provoke the cats further with something like “Ooohhhh! Cats are soooo fragile! Cute how all the little pussycats are crying! Do you have more of your delicious Cat tears? The hysterical reaction of Cats only shows Roosh has a valid point. And because all this hate and threats spewed by Cats we should seriously consider taking away voting rights and free speech for felinists.”

    But Dogs usually don’t do this because, well, Dogs have standards. Felinists don’t.


    • That’s pretty much exactly what Roosh is doing these days. And it _does_ proof that he has a valid point (the point being that felinists are stupid).


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